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6am. I do not want to get out of my bed. It is so comfy and snuggly. I recently bought an electric blanket since mother nature is confused and has decided south Louisiana needs a little cold weather. I really should get up earlier so that I am not rushing like a mad woman trying to get myself and two kids dressed and about the door by 6:30 am. Thankfully we are only three houses down from the corner bus stop, but when the bus is coming and you have to run the distance of those three houses, it’s no bueno.



I haven’t had an electric blanket since before I got married, so I had forgotten about the true bliss of getting into a warm bed when it’s freezing cold. We don’t sleep with heaters (no central heat), so it gets pretty cold (when it’s cold). It isn’t usually very cold, but here lately, IT’S BEEN COLD! As I was saying, I don’t want to get out of my beautiful bed at 6 am in sub-freezing temperatures. But with the help of Jesus and coffee, all things are possible friends.


Snow Day 2018

However, there hasn’t been school all this week. Monday was a holiday. I don’t even know why they didn’t have school Tuesday. Then Wednesday and today school was closed because of the blizzard. So we have had a fun week of no school. My husband hasn’t been working much either (not so good since he’s the only one that does work), so it’s been one fun filled week of cabin fever type stuff over here.

Us southerners aren’t used to driving on icy roads so we were warned to stay home unless absolutely necessary. That plus four kids (2 are teenagers!) and a grumpy husband that hasn’t worked in a minute equals a stressed out moma. I haven’t grocery shopped since January 8th! So the kids are complaining there’s no food blah, blah, blah. You know there’s food. They just need to vent too.


Blizzard or Tornado?

With six people in this house all week (2 teens, 2 adults, 5 & 7 year old) plus three puppies, you might imagine what the house looks like. There has been minimal cleaning this week. The BARE minimum. Dishes and laundry and that’s it! Last night we had a busted pipe though, so we had no water from about midnight til 3-4 pm. So no laundry was washed. No dishes were done.

Thankfully, my husband fixed it, and we are back in business. I am about to go bathe these two littles and get them to bed ASAP. Because…WE HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW!



But it’s Friday tomorrow. So I will get one peaceful day before they are back at it again for the weekend. I don’t mean to complain. I do love my kids. But sheesh, fresh out of the holidays we get more holidays and then snow days. Moma needs a break, lol. Although, I will honestly say when I am here alone the house can get too quiet.



Not to mention, because of the 2018 blizzard of Louisiana, I missed my Tuesday night women’s church group, our Wednesday night prayer service, and my Thursday morning inner healing group. I look forward to my women’s groups. But that’s OK. I actually have enjoyed this week.


All Is Quiet Now

So everyone is in bed on time tonight. It’s like the first day of school tomorrow. So, I sit at my desk and contemplate what to do now once I finish this post. I think I will just go to bed. After all, I have a busy day ahead of me, starting at…you guessed it.

6 am. *Sigh* Let me go make some coffee.






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  1. I enjoyed the article “Jesus and Coffee.” The weather has changed things in Georgia too. I saw snow recently much to the delight of the children. We are blessed to have children but I will agree that everyone deserves a little quiet time sometimes. I am impressed that you spent your time with Jesus and Coffee.

    1. Luna, we really enjoyed the snow too. We went out for a little bit, but with the flu going around (my 7yo actually missed Thursday & Friday last week because of the flu) I didn’t want them outside for too long. I am thankful that they will have these memories when they’re older because I don’t remember if it ever snowed when I was a kid. Jesus and coffee is the only way to go, lol.

    2. Hello,
      I really enjoyed your Blog it was very down to earth and interesting I am from the UK my children are all grown up now but I can relate to what you are saying all I can say really is make the most of it as the kids grow up in a flash & then you are onto the grandchildren like me!

      1. Sue, you are right. They grow so fast. I have 5 children. 22, 16, 13, 7, and 5. My 22 year old has two of her own, so I am already enjoying the grandkids with my own as well. My oldest grandson is 3 so him and the 5 year old play. Then the baby was born in November on my 7 year old’s birthday. We call them birthday twins. <3

  2. Tanya says:

    It’s a good thing to change the routine now and then, even if it is forced on you! Thanks for the rendition of your day. Reminds me of those I used to experience.

    1. Tanya, I agree that even though routines help keep structure, you definitely don’t want it to become mundane. Gotta change it up sometimes.

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