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House Cleaning Routines | A Day In The Life

As a stay at home mom (SAHM) and wife, I spend most of my time-you guessed it-at home! Looking at these walls on the daily gets really old sometimes, especially when there’s cleaning to be done, but I just don’t know where to start.

I find myself feeling overwhelmed sometimes when I fall behind on my cleaning. Do you get this way? So many times over the years I have wondered why I let it pile up rather than do a little each day to keep from being overwhelmed.

I talk about this a little bit on my other blog Organizing Spaces so if you want to check that out you can read about it here.



This is where routines come in. There are so many different approaches to cleaning that there is no wrong way. There is night time, morning, power hour, and dirty thirty just to name a few.

You might be thinking “Power hour?” “Dirty thirty?”, and wondering if I should be talking about workouts instead, lol. Nope, I am talking about cleaning routines. Lets break them down, shall we?

Night Time Routine

Start with creating a night time routine. This prepares you for the morning. We all know waking up to a house that looks like a tornado hit (kids!) is so discouraging. Personally, waking up to a messy house makes me want to clean LESS. So that’s a no-no.

Each night, after dinner, or after the kids are in bed, start your night time routine. This will look different for everyone. But you will get the idea. These are the things I like to do BEFORE I go to bed so that I can wake up and not be overwhelmed in the morning. You can personalize your night time routine for your family.

  • Immediately after dinner (preferably-before laziness kicks in) clean the kitchen
    • put away any food
    • load & run the dishwasher (if you have one-if not, good old hand washing it is)
    • wipe down all surfaces & appliances
    • sweep or spot mop
    • take out the trash if needed

I know that may sound like a lot, but if you do this every night, it really takes no time at all. And please, get your kids and husband involved. Make it a family thing.

The next thing I do while I am still in the kitchen is think about what I will be cooking for dinner tomorrow. Take it out so that it will be defrosted and you don’t end up, at the last minute, with nothing ready to cook.

If you pack your children’s lunch (if you have children), pack what ever you can pack now. This way in the morning you just put the cold stuff in and it’s ready to go. I don’t pack my children’s lunch, but my 5 year old brings a daily snack, so I pack that and put the entire insulated bag inside the ice box so that all I have to do in the morning is throw it into his book sack.

Then I have my children pick up their things from the day-book sacks, coats, belts, shoes, any toys they may have scattered, and put everything away. We keep our shoes in a crate by the door, but you can have them put them in their bedroom. Whatever works for your family. Sometimes, depending on my level of tiredness at this point, I will get the school clothes laid out for the next day.

After everything is picked up and put away I do a quick sweep, spot mop, (vacuum if you have carpet), and that’s about it in the living room area.

Finally, I give the bathroom a quick wipe down of all surfaces and gather any dirty laundry. I may or may not start a load before I go to bed. Again, this depends on my sleepiness, or laziness, factor.


My 13 year old folds the laundry and my 15 year old does the kitchen for the most part. If there is any laundry already folded, I put that away before I lay down for the night.


Morning Routine

First things first, coffee. Here is where you can change it up if it motivates you. You can do the dirty 30 where you designate 30 minutes to get done specific tasks that you decide for your particular family.

Or you can do the power hour and bang out as much as you can in one hour. Be sure to set a timer, and when the timer goes off, you’re done. I watch many YouTube videos with these power hour videos, so I’m thinking that’s a popular one. You don’t need to do a power hour every day though. This can be for more thorough cleaning.

If you do a quick dirty 30, you could repeat each day changing the specific tasks so that over the course of the week you cover the entire house. Some of these I’ve tried, others I haven’t.

There is one printable that I did get from Cas aka Clutterbug. I love her videos. This is a daily cleaning checklist and it’s divided into morning, evening, pick 1 or 2, and once a month. I like this because it’s just pretty basic and covers everything plus you have a cute checklist.



They also have zone cleaning. This is one we don’t do because it just doesn’t work for us. My cleaning is pretty typical of how I have done my entire life since getting married at 18.


My Morning Routine


Sometimes it may take me all day to do the morning routine. Us wives and mommas are busy, and we gotta fit it in when we can. But in general, this is what I do each day.

6am-get up. I usually will throw the load of clothes that I washed the night before into the dryer and start a second load. (But not always). I get the younger two dressed and out the door by 6:30. Yes that’s quick, but they eat breakfast at school, and because of my night routine, mornings are a breeze. Now I know some of you need to get up BEFORE the kids to have your coffee and quiet time. Not me, I am tired, lol.

6:40-7:25– this is my “free” time. I may check social media and see if I have YouTube videos to catch up on for later in the day. But specifically this is when I get my morning devotionals and bible time in. I really like to start my day with Jesus because then I feel like I am ready for whatever life throws at me.



(I am not perfect at this one because life happens and sometimes i am laying in bed reading my scriptures right before I nod off. But that’s OK as long as I get it in)

By 7:35ish my older two children leave for school. If I have errands to run (pay bills, grocery shop, etc.) I do this as soon as the kids leave because if I don’t I won’t get to it that day more than likely. That’s just me.


2 Hours Later (in my sponge bob narrator voice)

If I had errands to run, that takes a couple of hours. But then it’s time to get down to business. Now, I will actually get to the morning routine portion of the morning, lol. I may not always keep the same order of things but in a nutshell, here is my routine:

  • switch out the laundry; wash more if necessary (I usually wash every other day)
  • unload the dishwasher & reload anything that got dirtied from last night til this morning
  • quick tidy (shouldn’t be much because, again, night time routine)
  • clean my bathroom (daughter cleans hers)
  • make my bed
  • thorough sweep of entire house except kid’s rooms (that’s there job)
  • mop (we have laminate and tile, no carpet)
  • at some point start dinner

Obviously, I don’t do all of this everyday because, well because…

Also, there are things that get done periodically like dusting, cleaning baseboards and ceiling fans, and washing linens that is also why I love ClutterBug’s printable that I shared above and below.



Do you like using cleaning routines to stay on track of things? If you do, and if you have more ideas let me know in the comments below. Us wives/mommas need to stick together and share when there is a way to make a fellow wife/momma’s job easier. I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. Great post with some very practical tips to get through the day. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I love being organized and keeping things tidy, so this was a great website for me to find!

    1. Well, I am glad you like it Shelli, and I hope to get more content out. I have been spending more time on my first site, however my plan is to split it up and work on both!

  2. I tend to just let the mess go and assume that everyone has to at some point. Otherwise, I’d be cleaning and working full-time. However, I really do like having a clean apartment, especially when my friends or family show up at random times. I don’t know that a routine would work for me, but it’s definitely worth trying. I like the idea of your checklist and I’m thinking of implementing something similar with dates on it since not everything needs to be done every day.

    1. Jaime, I definitely let the mess go more than I’d care to admit. I have 4 children still at home ranging in age from 5-15. But I really do feel so much better when the house is clean. Messy = chaotic = anxiety for me. It’s true routines don’t work for everyone. Just as zones don’t work for us. I tried it, everyone was lost, lol. We stick to the same thing consistently. My 15 year old does the kitchen, my 13 year old folds laundry and takes out garbage. My 5 year old helps with the laundry and garbage. The 7 year old doesn’t do much other than pick up stuff that’s been left on the floor, however she loves to help cook. So do what works for you. Then there are days we do NOTHING!

  3. kwacha says:

    wonderful work you have done. These look like common sense but they are not people need to read this type of information, possibly could work well on marriage counselling to new families. I liked your post

    1. Thank you very much. I agree it seems like common sense, but to someone newly married it could be helpful. I mean, until I started watching YouTube and learned that there are many ways to do things besides how I had always done it, I didn’t think of these things either.

  4. Brandon says:

    Where I’m from being a housewife is frowned upon (not from me, because my wife stays at home), but from family and friends. They believe that she should work but I don’t see the issue. That’s what a parent is SUPPOSE to do, look after the kids not drop them off at daycare just because “that’s the norm”.

    1. I completely agree Brandon. Some people still feel that way here as well. But if there is no need for a second income, why leave the children with daycare and work. All the money goes to daycare anyway because daycare is expensive. To those who must work or want to, that is fine as well. Whatever works for each family I say.

  5. Craig says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on establishing a night time routine. This was an absolute necessity when my wife and I had our second kid, we just couldn’t keep up in the morning anymore with work and everything else that needed to be done to get the kiddos out the door to daycare. It just makes the rest of the day so much easier, and since the kids usually crash early we still get a little time to ourselves after clean up and prep for the next day!

    1. It definitely can be a lifesaver for some. And it also helps when couples help one another. That’s the best ay to avoid your partner complaining they are tired from all of their housework is if you help them, lol. I read that somewhere. It said if you don’t want your spouse complaining she’s tired every night, help her out more. Glad you like the post!

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